Cris is a wife, mother, and a survivor of childhood domestic and sexual violence. Her desire is to see a greater awareness brought to survivors of all forms of violence and to open the door to honest conversations about social justice issues and genuine looks at our own individual healing journeys. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband Mike and their two kids, Caleb and Corrie.


Inspired by the birth of my son and compelled to get all of these stories out of my head and onto virtual paper, I began this blog in 2010 for my children as a way to artistically and permanently share this legacy of hope with them and other survivors.

Evolution is a compilation of true stories from my childhood and the road through my healing process. My heart's desire is to give hope and encouragement to other survivors of childhood domestic violence and sexual abuse and to work in partnership with faith communities equipping them to better provide resources and support to survivors.


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