For My Friend

Mike and Caleb, age 2

To Michael:

I know you’re going to read my blog before you come to bed and I know you’re not expecting to be the topic of a post but that’s exactly why I did it – so one day when the kids look back and read all of this they can see love that is spontaneous and unexpected, yet safe and rich. I want them to know that true love really exists and I hope it makes them want to settle for nothing less.

Thank you for letting me write even when I should be doing the laundry.

I love you for being you. I love you for being a great father. I love you for being a wonderful husband… for marrying me… for being trustworthy… for being even tempered… for being patient even when you don’t want to be… for driving three hours one way just to kiss me… for eating a million good luck suppers… for being a good dancer… for knowing when I need to be quiet… for holding me when I told you I wasn’t pregnant and for smiling when I told you I was… for celebrating when I gave birth to the babies… for getting up in the middle of the night even when you're tired… for supporting me when I stopped working to stay home with the kids even though it makes our budget tight… for taking a second job… for quitting your second job… for saying yes to calamari at 10pm… for never judging me... for letting me and the kids have the good car… for understanding how I need chocolate everyday… for being man enough to fix the garbage disposal and sensitive enough to listen to me talk about the trials of breastfeeding… for never saying the house isn’t clean enough… for not being a complainer… for not shaving your head even though you really wanted to… for being a gentleman… for saying nice things about me in front of people… for acting like my chicken pot pie is the best thing you’ve ever tasted… for letting me cry it out… for saying yes every time I’ve asked you, “Hey, can I read you something?”… for saying you always knew I could… for not being afraid to love with your whole heart… for being a steady soul… for getting me Tylenol PM when I can’t sleep because my mind is pinging with words and sentences… for being a good lover… for making me feel like I’m the only girl for you… for saying you love me every time we get off the phone… for doing dishes… for teaching me how to swim… for holding my hand while we fall asleep… for never being angry when I wake you up from a dead sleep just because I want to talk… for being a good example to our children… for letting me blog in bed… for knowing how important it was to me for you to finish the kitchen backsplash… for knowing there are some days I just need to be sad… for knowing there are some days I am overcome with joy… for never once saying you want out… for not giving up when marriage gets really, really ugly... for being faithful… for remembering my birthday… for not making us put your X-Men figures in the living room… for still kissing me like you mean it… for answering my phone calls even when you’re busy… for saying I’m a good writer… for wanting me to be truly happy… for knowing why I hate surprises… for giving me your last name… for remembering that it’s not a date night unless I get dessert… for making sure I get dessert… for asking me if I need anything before you come upstairs for bed… for sharing the radio… for saying you’re proud of me… for buying our first house… for skipping guys’ night to watch the kids so I can take a night off from bedtimes… for being tall enough that I can wear six inch heels… for remembering to kiss me hello… for remembering to kiss me goodbye… for not recording over the Real Housewives of New Jersey… for not raising your voice in anger… for encouraging Caleb’s curiosity by agreeing to raise honey bees… for accepting that I like to make the bed before we get in it at night… for saying I was still the bravest person you knew even if I did get an epidural… for letting me dream…. for agreeing to volunteer even when you’re busy… for always coming home…. for wearing your seatbelt… for displaying a servant’s heart… for growing up with me and growing old with me… for every reason mentioned on this page and every reason mentioned when it’s just the two of us.

You’re the only one for me.